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WordPress 4.6 Release

Whats new in this release of WordPress 4.6

WordPress has just released a new update to there previous installation and would like to give you the inside scoop on what to look out for.


Named in honor of the jazz baritone saxophonist Park Frederick “Pepper” Adams lll, WordPress 4.6 is now available to download or update inside your dashboard (reminder: always backup your database before updating to new release).

Being the Second major release for 2016 this update brings some exciting new improvements and several bug fixes. In this article we will run through the new updates and improvements.


Native Fonts are now used in WordPress admin area

Native Fonts

Previous versions of WordPress used Google fonts to keep the admin interface looking the same on all browsers and devices, but due to loading speed and relying a third party project, they decided with this version they would keep the fonts native and help speed the loading process for the admin area.


Editor Improvements

in-line link checker - WordPress 4.6

Inline Link Checker

WordPress 4.6 introduces a link checker in the editor which automatically checks to see if its a broken link. These will now be highlighted to identify and fix before publishing.

Streamlined Updates in WordPress Post

Content Recovery

The editor section now comes with a new auto update in the browser, WordPress will now save your content locally to the browser while typing your post, there will be a message saying, “The backup of this post in your browser is different from the version below” this is in case your connection is lost, a button is displayed that will let you restore the backup version.

What is under the Hood?

Resource Hints will fetch and process resources for your WordPress post, WordPress 4.6 adds them automatically for your styles and scripts to help load your site much faster.

Meta Registration API

Now introducing register_meta () function which helps to register meta keys similar to register_post_type() function.

Translations On Demand

WordPress 4.6 now installs and use the newest available language packs for plugins and themes as soon they become available.


JavaScript Library Updates

External script libraries are now updated to there latest versions. Masonry 3.3.2, imagesLoaded 3.2.0, MediaElement.js 2.22.0, TinyMCE 4.4.1, and Backbone.js 1.3.3 are now bundled into WordPress 4.6.

Customizer API’s for Setting Validation and Notifications

Now has an API for enforcing validation constraints, customizer controls the support notifications used to display errors instead of quietly sitting idle. This is quite helpful when looking for bugs and missing code in your theme.

Multisite, now Faster than Ever

With the introduction of wp_site_query and wp_network_query these can help craft advanced queries with little to no effort in creating your network admin experience.

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