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Proven Methods in Gaining Design Exposure Online

Getting attention of potential clients and landing projects can be challenging for some when it comes to getting yourself online, having a portfolio and a online present is a must for designers, its a quick way to get your work in front of the right people at the right time and can be on hand if approached by suitable clients. In this post i will be giving some insight into what can be achieved if you are looking at putting your best foot forward to the online world.

Connect with designers through Social Media

As of 2014, 74% of online users are active on social networks the data recorded was that 71% used Facebook, 23% used Twitter, 26% used Instagram, 28% used Pinterest and Linkedin so taking the data into consideration, one of your best options would be to promote yourself and design work on social media. When promoting yourself through these channels your main goal would be to engage with other designers, maybe sharing other designers work, this will make you appear more in listings and get your name seen by other designers. Communicating with other designers, letting them know how much you appreciate there work and sharing it may promote them to return the favour and share some of your designs within there network.

It goes without saying that

Making your own Website or Blog

create your own website, easy and free

Can help showcase your work all in the one spot and be shared with a single link, if you have the coding knowledge you can create a website that can show off the developer side as a extra addition to your skill set. When considering a website design keep in mind your content, clean presentation and a easy to use navigation will keep visitors on your website, if you have some website design skills then it goes without saying that a responsive design will be beneficial for you.

Online Portfolio Sites

A perfect way to get your design work online is to join designer communities built around sharing and commenting on projects, to name a few sites you would be looking at Behance, Dribbble or Carbonmade which are free to join up on, keep in mind Dribbble is a invite only, so connecting with a designers will be beneficial with sites like these, talents scouts also tend to scroll through them looking for potential designers to hire.

Design trends online change more often than the wind, and slightly less often than my socks. – Suleiman Leadbitter

Offer something for Free

Now offering something for free is not a bad thing it can be a effective way to encourage people to look at your work or offering your service for specific design projects can help with getting your name out there and build your portfolio, let them know what kind of service you are offering for free as you would not want to be caught up in a big project that could had been a good income taker. How about writing a guest post for other design related blogs in turn this will help get your name out in front of visitors that theses blogs have already acquired also with blog posts some also let you provide a description and a link to your website or social media networks, perfect option for these readers to know more about you and contact you for work or blog posts.

CSS Galleries/Website Design

awwwards - collection of well designed websites

There are many design galleries out there that exist for the purpose of showcasing beautiful websites. Being featured on these sites can improve the flow of visitors towards your site and a increase in inbound links. If you are looking at submitting your site to some of these your best option will to checkout the CSS Gallery List, these website offers a wide range of CSS galleries and you can submit your portfolio to 100 different sites only downside is that it costs $49 to submit.


When creating a online presence to showcase your work, at first it will be slow and at times frustrating but after a bit of time it can be present it rewards. Keep at it, built your portfolio or social media network and eventually you will build a following and hopefully land them design projects that you have been dreaming of.

Credit: designwashere for the quote, CSSAuthor for the featured image mockup, Apple for some great products to be used in images

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