Interior Design Inspiration

Date September 14, 2016

Some Interior Design Inspiration to get the day started on the right foot

As of today i have started studying interior design and to keep me and others inspired i will be posting inspiring and informative content on the world of interior design and to kick start it off below are some images and sources to get started, i hope you will like this and the rest of what is to come on this popular industry.

Inspiring Places to Kick Your Feet Up

These types of places are where you can just sit back and relax or enjoy company or be at peace.

high impact black and white with a pop of colour

at home with designer christian siriano

perfect for the seasoned interior designer

Cooking and Eating in These Kitchens Would be a Breeze

I like kitchens and dining areas, these areas usually feature a island in the center which is the focus point for social gatherings.

An inlaid tile and wood floor along with exquisite tile work behind the stove

hand-carved hardwood floors make this clean uncomplicated kitchen

27 Bridge Lake Dr kitchen interior design

A Dreamy Place

Bedrooms are a place that requires somewhere to relax and rest at nights, colour palettes used are made to help people be at ease and go to sleep.

Tilted hexagons play with the light from the window

Beach Theme mixed in with a rustic look

Read More about Interior Design

Some interior design websites worth checking out or find some inspiration

Emily Henderson
Elle Decor
Home BeautifulHome and Design

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