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Ideas to try this winter to stay warm and look fabulous

Get your house looking great for this winter with some of these tips and make it last throughout other coming seasons

Now that winter is officially here and pretty soon it will be time to make a complete switch over with the wardrobe, from the cotton shirts to the warm woolen jumpers and hoodies. Sorting your home out and getting it ready for the winter chill is no different from the way you get yourself ready for the day. One thing i look forward too is curling up in that cozy chair next to the fireplace and reading a good book or flip through the most recent interior magazine. Either way its time to start planning for the season ahead.

Make your bedroom interior winter worthy, with thick blankets and lots of cushions anad pillows

Layering up
Dressing for the right occasion is always good advice and that also relates to your home and the winter season. Winter is all about warmth inside so we will be looking at throwing down some rugs, and duvet covers on the bed and more pillows for comfort and gives you something extra to snuggle up too.

Looking for comfortable cushions, why not try Simply Cushions to get the right combination or colour, here are a few others and plenty more to check out

Pillows and Cushions


Much needed lighting in the winter season to warm things up in your rooms

With the change of daylight and the sunlight rising later, we need to make sure that our lighting is up to scratch, ensure your living areas are well equipped with plenty of soft ambient and task lighting to solve them important occasions. Take out your bright light fittings for a warmer lamp shade to create a warmer atmosphere.

Design is coming to grips with one’s real lifestyle, one’s real place in the world. Rooms should not be put together for show but to nourish one’s wellbeing. – Albert Hadley

Bringing different textures into a room can add a cosy and warm feeling to the space, making the area look less curated and more comfortable. Why not look at combining textures such as faux fur, velvet and wool. These can be incorporated through soft furnishings in the room like curtains, rugs, throws and cushions.

Play with some colour
Adding deeper coloured tones to your decor is a great way to bring warmth into a room, for example rust, orange and yellows work well for styling in the winter season. Painting a feature wall can be a fun thing to do during the winter, the depth of colour will help your home feel more intimate and dramatic. Do you prefer something less permanent and can be removed without the hard work, why not introduce colour through accessories, art and prints, cushions or table runners, gold and copper colours can be acquired through vases or bowls to add some punch.

Balance your winter whites, do you remember snow white and how she looked, well it also works perfectly in a well balanced room, mixing hues and shade and some warm colours to help level it out. You might want to have a second though when it comes to going all white, why not throw in a spot of colour here and there in selected location to help balance it with the white, maybe decorate it with birch logs or some pine cones or even tree branches to bring some life into the room.

bright and vibrant colours help to brighten up any room during the winter season

You could always have a play around with different types of materials to heighten the rooms living and experience. Why not use wood to decorate a small part of the wall or if you have a empty space on the side of the fireplace why not stack them up to fill the space up and make it a centerpiece.

A breakdown on 2018 trends that will be perfect for a winter inspired room

Rattan Accents
Rattan is a trend that will not be going anywhere soon, while it fits well with a warmer styled interior it can also be more relevant for a cooler weather type of environment. This natural material takes any interior space from a simple look to a statement worthy room. You can use this type of space by throwing blankets, fur cushions or sheepskin over furniture to give a warm sense to the person using the space.

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