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  • Sunday, December 27th, 2015

Getting Better Client Feedback

getting better client feedback


When it comes to client feedback the one thing that you do not want to hear is that’s it your fault that the design did not work or that they are not happy with such and such or the worse we want a complete re-design ouch! To prevent this outcome the first will be to understand your client is not a designer and communicate with normal non-designer reserved words, secondly, invite the client to collaborate on the project by giving input or an open discussion on ides or solutions.


Give your clients a story on the target user, explain what or why the user has arrived to a certain page or app, explain the steps that user will take to get too steps A, B and C and what will the expected action at the end.

“Clients only see what is in front of them, give them a story to focus on the design”

Get inside the Audience head; focus on the goals of the project or the taste of the audience. Let the client know early in the project about the most critical factors for the audience in a design, when it comes to them reviewing it they will be constantly thinking about the audience wants and needs. Most people require reminders on this subject so don’t be afraid to push back on feedback that more reflects on the client than it does towards the audience.


How to communicate the why towards change

Every feedback received from your client to move or alter something, practice asking the question “why?” with genuine curiosity of cause, your aim is to dig beneath the surface layer of what they are trying to say and find what’s behind it. Can they tie their request to the project strategic outcome or a particular audience in mind?


Explain the design process

Giving an insight into the design process can make headaches and deadlines a little bit less frustrating for designer and client, this will help the client to know when they can make changes to a specific part of the design without throwing a spanner in the works and putting it on hold. Example making changes to the layout would be better defined at the start of the project and not near the middle or end of the process this time would be better for changing a font size or style



Delivering a live presentation through screencast gives the client a chance to digest and ingest the deliverables at there leisure, they can watch it 2 or 3 times before giving there full feedback your main aim here is to get a booking on the cards to answers questions and go more into detail on the project.



Creative professionals and clients both have a creative thinking side of things when it comes to putting solutions and ideas together, what we need to do as creative and client is to communicate well with one another and all who are included with an open mind and thinking on the user side and not the needs of creative and client then we will have a more efficient, effective and productive team.

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