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Accelerated Mobile Pages now Supported in Google Analytics

Google Analytics Homepage

On the 28th January 2016 Google announced they would be offering support for Accelerated Mobile Pages which is open source project to help address the problems of slow loading pages, the AMP will help render content to load much quicker and offer a better web experience for all. AMP consists of three parts when building your web page – AMP HML, AMP JS, AMP CDN

AMP HTML helps build rich content beyond basic HTML, does have some restrictions though. AMP JS ensures fast rendering of AMP HTML pages. The AMP CDN delivers the AMP HTML pages.

How Google Analytics Support works

Analytics on AMP is handled by an open source, reusable component that the Google Analytics team created. The <amp-analytics> can be configured with Analytics specific configuration parameters to record events, page views and custom dimensions which that configuration works with global event listener that detects triggers for example button presses. This will help reduce the number of JavaScript code throughout your webpage

Accelerated Mobile Pages Website

Getting Started

Before getting started with AMP Analytics, give the AMP website a once over this will explain how to setup your AMP ready page. Once your page is ready, then we need to start thinking about how you will measure the page performance.
Google recommends using a separate Google Analytics property to measure your AMP pages be aware that some functions used in Web Analytics will not be available in AMP Analytics straight away. AMP pages can appear in multiple contexts, including through different syndication caches which means a single user that lands on a AMP version of a page and a HTML version will be treated as two distinct users, using a separate Google Analytics property to measure AMP pages makes it easier to handle these issues.

Once your AMP page and a new Google Analytics property setup you want to take a look at the requirements to using Analytics on your AMP page as well as the developers guide for supported interactions

What’s Next for Accelerated Mobile Pages

It has been announced that Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin will support AMP pages in coming months and Google search will be using it as well.

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